When will botpress be considered available for production?

I’m currently evaluating bot options and like what I have seen with botpress cloud but wondered when you would consider it to be production ready rather on “Preview Release”. What will need to change before this happens.

Also I note that “OpenBook will remain available within Botpress Cloud” how do I add an openbook type document into botpress cloud to form part of the responses.

Hey @james,

First things first; welcome to the community!

Great question! The Preview Release is still available because we have five upcoming product announcements. We won’t remove the Preview Release label until those announcements are made public. We assure you that we already have many clients in production, so you can confidently deploy your bot on any channel you choose.

Now for OpenBook, the engine powering the Q&A is the same as OpenBook and should give the same results. We are working to build more powerful knowledge capabilities directly in Botpress. Stay tuned for an announcement! :rocket:

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Thanks for your response.
I think for me the ability to take a copy of my bot either copy, export/import or otherwise so that I can be sure I have a record of what is live and also work on evolutions would be a pre-requisite. Are these in the pipeline?

Hi @james ,

Yes, that’s in the pipeline.

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