User variables are empty after the timeout workflow

I am having issues, capturing information in workflow values and executing a code to store the values in user variables to persist the data until the session ends.

The user variables values are empty in conversation end workflow.

Hi @prasad ,

Yes, the conversation end workflow is fired when the conversation ends, or the conversation session ends.

Can you give me more info about what you want to achieve?

My end goal is to send chat transcript via email.

The bot captures user information in the Main node and after the information is captured in workflow variables, it is set to user variables.

There is a execute code in Conversation end workflow, that retrieves value from user variables , chat history from session and sends it via email.

The user variables are returned empty in the conversation end workflow.

I would say the best way to do it is to have a sub-workflow that takes the needed parameters as input; inside that sub-workflow, you send the e-mail using those parameters.

Then reuse that sub-workflow whenever the conversation is at it’s end