Update bot appearance (color/mobile)

I updated the Web Chat → Settings → stylesheet with a copy of the example given here. All I changed was the color fill: rgb(x,y,z). But the change is not taking effect. Any ideas?

If the stylesheet setting is updated, does the CSS have to include all CSS settings or can it just contain the section (in this case button appearance) that I want to change?

The other question: is there a simple update to make it appear readable on mobile web? By default, the fonts are too large to appear properly on a mobile browser? Is there a standard, responsive CSS I could use as a base?

Many thanks!

Make sure your stylesheet link is valid in the code and try deleting your browser cache.
You don’t have to include every class, just the ones you want to change.

For the responsive part on mobile, i have the same problem… and looking for a solution too

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Did you find any fix for mobile text very big?

No, not so far. I do not have CSS skills. Did not find anything online that I can use.

Thanks. The CSS link is valid. I can paste the url in the browser and it shows up instantly. It’s on a server I control.

I got it working.However the mobile still looks very bad and is not reflecting any css classes on mobile. Works nice only in desktop.

Thanks. Are you able to share how you changed the bot color?

Hey guys,

We are working on that; sorry for any inconvenience.

@andy, can you send me your embedding code after removing the sensitive information?

i have fixed all the styling
access here: https://savorsmart.co/emotional/styles.css

Might be helpful for you.

Athul, this is very good. It is much better than the default. Thank you!

@athul.sreenivasan btw I tested on mobile, with your CSS, mobile is usable, thx!

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