Two questions about Q&A

Hello everyone!
I would like to ask two questions about Q&A feature:

  • What “convert to intent” is for?
  • How to make the chatbot does not go back to the first card if it does not have an answer for the question made? (at least that´s what’s happening here… i’ve created a flow with and option for typed questions and the rest of it only by selecting options. When you write something it does not understand, it goes back to the first card: Hello")


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Hi @wlwillig ,

For the “Convert To Intent”, turns the Q&A into an intent, for intent you can add slots, for example
As for the second question, I don’t understand it, I need more info. Is the entry node connected to the other nodes? Can you send me a screen shot?

What version are you using?

Now i got the use of intent! Thnks!
About the second question, no… the entry node is just connected if an intent is used. The Q&A is working, but if the Bot does not know the answer, it goes back right to the first node (not card, sorry)

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What does your entry node looks like?

However, this is Botpress v12; and everything related to the on-prem edition (V12) should be directed to our V12 Community Forum .

This Forum supports Botpress Cloud users!

I highly suggest you try out Botpress Cloud as it comes with direct integration to WhatsApp as opposed to V12 edition which does not, and the interface is much easier and more robust.

Hope this helps :upside_down_face:

Oh! Sorry about my mistake by using the wrong forum.
About using V12 and Cloud, it happend that i work for a public defender’s office in Brazil, witch a government institution, and as far as i know, the Cloud version is pretty limited for free users (witch is our case, because do by the amount of messages we use, we can´t afford the paid version)

“What does your entry node looks like?” - what do you mean by that?

Can you send me a screenshot of your entry node?

@wlwillig, how many “incoming” messages do you expect per month?
The free version doesn’t support high availability BTW