Trying to reset Botpress Studio, but keeps loading non-existing files

I’m new here, when I installed botpress studio I created a directory for chatbots (actually I created a chatbot and it was pointing to the c:\chatbots folder), and then I created a second chatbot at c:\chatbots\testbot. Since I was just testing, I assumed I could easily delete the chatbots from Studio. But alas, I can’t. I even manually deleted all the files and subfolders in c:\chatbots, but everytime I start Studio, it shows the two bots that now have no files. How can I get rid of those two ghosts?

Right now, we are working on a new version of the studio where we will handle this issue. for now you can ignore it and continue to create new bots.

They appear only in the “recent”. correct?

The screen doesn’t say “Recent”. It is listed under “Your chatbots” on Botpress Studio for windows. There are two options (New chatbot, and Open existing) and below that is where the orphan bots appear.

I understand; ignore them for now, we are working on fixing this.

can you send me a screenshot?

Hi @amlcsi ! Sorry for the late response.

The studio has been embedded into the product. You don’t need to download the studio anymore. Feel free to give Botptress Cloud another try!

Please let us know if you have any questions. :raised_hands:

Excellent. Right away!

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I’m extremely thrilled to be able to get started with this. I hope you don’t mind if I provide feedback to help improve botpress. On the tour when opening studio for the first time, slide 4 seems not to be properly positioned (“This is your toolbar”) as it is centered on the screen and it isn’t highlighting the toolbar. Small details, but let’s make this perfect! Screenshot below.

I’m gonna get started, can’t wait to see my customer’s response (I’ve been telling them about the project and they love the idea, especially because they usually have to wait for me to finish things I’m doing to take care of their request).


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Hi @amlcsi !

Thank you so much for letting us know about slide #4! Someone already took care of it.

Looking forward to seeing your bots. Please feel free to hop on the Intercom chat if you ever face any issues while building your chatbots. :rocket:

Ok great! I know this is beta, my only question right now is, whatever bots I build, will they be carried out once you go on production, or I have to back them up and restore them? Sometimes betas do wipe out the user data prior to production, that’s why I ask.
Thanks beforehand, and I’m already working on this.

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Fair concern @amlcsi ! I can assure you that nothing will be wiped out. So you can build your chatbot(s) and push them to production in peace :innocent:.

I have two questions about things which I haven’t been able to understand properly. It is related to doing API calls to my own databases.

When one of my customers opens a bot to initiate a chat, there are two possible scenarios:

  1. the customer visits a normal page (customer has not logged in/authenticated) and starts chatting with the bot, or
  2. the customer logged into my site (customer is authenticated on the site) and starts chatting with the bot.

My first question:
In the second scenario, how can I let the chatbot know that the customer is authenticated since the bot runs in an iframe (in the case of the 2nd scenario)?

Regarding the first scenario, how would the authentication work? (since I didn’t see any specific functionality on the bot to directly authenticate)
I’ve considered, for the first scenario, asking the customer for the first name and last 4 digits of the phone number, then send an SMS text with a code, and request that code directly inside the bot to authenticate the client. I think I can do that through an API that wouldn’t require authentication other than maybe a common key.

My second question:
I saw there’s two authentication areas on the documentation, one of which is to authenticate the user. Please tell me if this is correct:
-The chatbot authenticates to my back end (which will allow it to make API calls with internal info)
-The user authenticates to the chatbot (provides let’s say a password or something) to the chatbot that is already connected to the back end.

Is this the correct assumption on how things work? Also I saw about the JWT. Is that JWT for the end user? or is it for the bot itself once it authenticates in the back end?

The overall process seems quite confused and the documentation does not provide a clear example of the whole cycle.

And one more question: if the bot runs in an iframe, how does it “remember” the user? Does it save a cookie on the user’s browser with the JWT?

Sorry for so many questions at once.

For the first question. For the SMS scenario, yes, this works. Then you can replace this scenario with a more user-friendly, consistent way, like passing the information from the website to your bot.

We are currently working on an easier way, where you can pass messages from your website to the bot. I will let you know as soon as it is released.

For the second question:
For the authentication, can you sen me the URL? I think this is related to v12, correct?

Thanks Bassam,
No, I decided to go with the cloud solution you guys offer. There are too many parts that can go wrong on V12 deployed on a hosting server, and I want to make sure this thing runs solid. I’ll do some more reading and I will e-mail you the URL, don’t need everyone knocking on my door trying to authenticate LOL.

No, of course not. I am not asking about your website URL. I asked about the documentation URL you are referring to in your second question.

Accept my apology if it was not that clear from my side.