Transformed payload contains empty string

I’m testing personality rewrite / multilanguage support of chatbots and I have problems with specific order of actions. In my example, I capture info from user, take the best branch, send message and I return to capture info block, pretty straightforward.
In some corner cases, messages from the bot are cleared after transforming. For example, if I show text message, then image, then show message from capture info, then the last message is transformed to empty string as in the screenshot. If I remove image message, everything is fine. Sometimes changing flow helps.

I looked at the debugger but I can’t see pattern why this is happening. Do you have tips how to deal with this?

I must admire the latest emulator changes are very nice in analyzing this - I see that I hit right place in the flow and I see that transforming is the culprit, good job!

First, thanks for your message about the emulator; I will make sure to forward it to our product team :slight_smile:

Second, thanks for all the effort you are putting into the forum :slight_smile:

Third, regarding your issue… can you reach out to me in the live chat? I would like to see it and report it to the team

It happens so rarely that I can’t reproduce “on demand”. I will message here when I overcome this.
I had a thought it is related to workflow / hooks problem.

I am not sure. Please keep us posted :slight_smile: