Too many replies


Today I feel the bot is wery wrong…

Why does it reply up to 3 times? and repeat the same information (in some small differences)?

Maybe there is too much repetitive info in your knowledge base, too much answering steps in your node ?
Obviously I’m not sure, but I had the same problem, I organized my knowledge base better, then removed unnecessary steps where I placed answers or intents when the robot is supposed to take care of it automatically

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Hi @Coucou_des_Bois

Interesting point.

I am going to take care.

Let’s hope it is this matter. TY.


I did some more test without changing anything and it has solved by itself… :man_shrugging:

oh :face_with_raised_eyebrow: surprising,
Good then!

Yes… it happens often… I do not know why the bot acts weird sometimes…

Hi @Andres ,

Can you share a screenshot of your flow?

Are you using personality? Did you add this info in the personality?


What do you mean about “personality”… do you mean in the Prompt of the AI?

The info data is only on the AI task prompt.

Hey Andres,

I am talking about this: