The webchat customization for botpress studio

How can I put an user avatar in botpress web chat. I am using botpress cloud

In the webchat configuration - Avatar URL:

Is it for the Bot Avatar or Use Avatar? Because when I chat in the Chatbot window, then the Bot Avatar can be seen with the chat bubbles but on the right side, The User Avatar can not be seen. Its just the chat bubble from the user.

Oh! sorry I misread it that @jayantabasumatary01 . Setting the user avatar is not yet possible.

okay. Will it be incorporated in the future? This is a necessary feature though. By the way the one more thing that I am having difficulty. since the widget button is inside an iframe, how I am able to increae the size of an iframe, because whenever I try to increase the zise of the floating button then it gets cut off due to the size of the iframe, which I have seen in my browser console. The iframe styles are coming from inject.css file so is there a way to modify the iframe from my css file?

It is not in our pipeline, however, I have submitted it as a feature request.

Regarding the CSS point, let me ask my colleague @rohankokkula, who is better than me when it comes to CSS.

Hey @jayantabasumatary01
you can go through Full Screen Chatbot | Botpress Documentation and checkout the code at line no. 18
That will give you the flexibility of adjusting the iframe width and height

If that worked, can you post it to our Discord Forum?