SDK API for programmatic bot management


Are there any plans to publicise an SDK or API that would allow us to programmatically create and manage bots. Using the Studio is great for prototyping, but for ongoing maintenance and any serious use-cases beyond just QnA bots - (which you’re clearly inviting with your recently publicised GPT integration - fyi awesome work, thanks!) - relying entirely on a single-instance unversioned flow in Studio feels dangerous.

A declarative export/import of the entire flow structure would be amazingly useful, allowing us to save versions, tweak them, and import versions as necessary for prototyping and production. (Yes, I know you’re saying that cloud is still in beta, but the point remains for all future use-cases).

Many thanks. Lovely product


Hi @al1 ,

We have this NPM @botpress/client - npm
And we have this early documentation that we are still working on: Botpress Documentation

Please keep in mind that it is still in Beta, meaning changes might occur.

Regarding the export, import, versioning, etc.

The team is working on something that will address this. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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And please don’t stop sending Feedback and Ideas :slight_smile:

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Hi Bassam:

The bot does it work on GPT?

And, could I feed the bot with my website content (crawling it) and also upload some PDF documents to add more knowledge to the bot?


Hi @Andres ,

Yes, we use GPT 3.5 Turbo, for now, you can crawl the website using Botpress GO (embedded in the Studio).

Currently, we don’t support PDF document ingestion, but our team is working on something that will help you with that.

Great Bassam. I look forward to that implementation.

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@Andres, we have released that feature. Keep us posted about what you think of it.

Hi @bassam.tantawi

I don’t find where to upload pdf files neither to crawl a website… did you move it to somewhere else?

Hi @Andres ,
You can find it in the Explorer tab:

Then click on Knowledge Base source:

Then choose the source you want:

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Could you set up a chatbot for an assistant of Botpress?.. because there is no manual or guide, you could teach it with knowledge and we would ask it to help us out.