Sample document with optimum format for Knowledge Base

Hi. I’m a noob here, and need assistance with setting up a Knowledge Base document:

  • What is the best format for a Knowledge Base document: a Word file, html format or markdown?
  • What is the best structure to use within the document?

Please provide a sample document containing optimum structuring.

Hi @yzerfontein ,

You can take a look at this documentation: Knowledge Base | Botpress Documentation
And that video: EP 01: Building a Darth Vader bot with knowledge ingestion - YouTube

Let me know if you still have question :slight_smile:

Thanks, that video was outstanding, read the documentation too. I have a Word document at the moment. I am wondering whether changing it to html will allow the chatbot to better understand the hierarchical structure of the data; e.g. by using headers h1, h2 to indicate the level in the hierarchy?

Is it worth the effort to translate the .doc file into .html, or wont this help?

On top of my mind, yes. But let me check with the team and get back to you about it

Hi @yzerfontein :wave: Bassam & I heard back from the team and for the moment translating the .doc file into .html isn’t worth the effort.

We’re continually improving the knowledge base feature based on our users’ feedback. If I may ask, what type of knowledge are you trying to upload to your bot and what’s the hierarchy that you’d like to have understood?