Sales Qualification Bot

Hey Guys, its MaxBot3000 again :upside_down_face:

I’m trying to create a bot that takes a “lead” through a qualification process.

I have built a flow that connects with OpenAI but it keeps jumping all over the place. Not quite sure what I have done wrong.

Can I get someone from support to take a looksee and see where I’m going wrong
OR failing that can you point me to some sample flows I can install and follow how they work.
The only examples I can see on YouTube are the crazy complicated one in this video or the two shown on last week’s webinar, neither of which used ChatGPT


Hey @MaxBot3000

Welcome to the community!

We would be happy to help. What I suggest is that one of our Solutions Engineers jumps on a quick Zoom call with you to have a look at your bot and help.

I’ll send you an email with the calendar link to book a quick call.

Cheers :raised_hands:

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