Rough timeline on API availability?

We’re trying to integrate an intelligent chatbot into our existing chat/support/inbox configuration. Botpress Cloud looks like the perfect option, but we would need to get responses via the API. I see several other topics asking how to do this and the answer seems to be “you can’t yet, but the API is coming soon”.

I know estimates are always hard, but is there any chance of getting some rough guidance about whether “soon” means tomorrow, next week, next month, 6 months? This could inform whether we hold off on adding this feature so we can wait for Botpress in the near future, or pick something else now and revisit Botpress down the road.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Hello Bennett! Welcome to the community! :blush:

The API is already available and working. Check out the documentation:

:speech_balloon: I am already using it to build an Inbox for managing conversations.
It is still in beta though. Let’s wait for somebody from Botpress to give us an estimate of when it will leave this phase.


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