Pending topics to solve


I post some topics I find missing yet (pending to deploy or to implement):

  • Cloning bots
  • Trigger to show the first message of the bot once it is started (after the user clicks the bubble or enters the bot page)
  • Is there a way to select or delete what links has crawled the Botpress Go? (some times I don’t want some pages to be crawled)
  • How is it possible to embed a bot inside a webpage (see example)

hey @Andres ,

That’s very good/important feedback :slight_smile:

Okay, for the first two points. The short answer is triggers are coming soon, and cloning bots is in the pipeline.

For the third point, we don’t have Botpress Go anymore. We have got the KB. Currently, this is not possible, so I am adding it as feedback to the team.

For the fourth point, I will let my colleague @rohankokkula help you with that.

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Hi @bassam.tantawi

About the “KB” do you mean it?

I “saw” Botpress Go was not there…

The point is the same: is missing an option to somehow choose the links to be crawled. :grin:

Thank you.

Currently, you can crawl the whole website. That’s why I submitted feature request with adding the ability to exclude some pages :slight_smile:

That’s why I was saying it is a very good feedback :slight_smile:

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For your 4th point, which technology are you using to setup your website?

It is blogger from Google.

Quite straight forward and easy to use.

If needed, I can set up CSS or else.

I hope you can help.

Hi @Andres ,

I have replied to you in the below post for future visitors :slight_smile: