Output PDF file in chat from Botpress Studio

Hi everyone, Botpress newbie here. I am creating a bot that generates a resume for users. I have my flow down and the last step left is to generate a PDF resume file with all the information from the user. I understand that in Botpress Studio, we can send files to users and we can specify the file using {{event…}}. I plan to write code, using react-pdf, to generate the PDF file but I am unsure of how to install npm packages in Studio. How do I do so or is there a better way of generating PDF files on Botpress Studio? Thanks!

Hi @congjinghong

I am sorry this is not possible, however, you can integrate with other services that offer PDF generation through APIs.

I did a quick googling and found this; looks interesting https://pdfgeneratorapi.com/

Please note that this is not a Botpress recommendation; this is just personal help from my side :slight_smile:

I hope this will help you :slight_smile: