One Code repeating everywhere in the new studio

Hello , can i ask some questions please ? i want to know if it surely possible, to work already on the new platform of studio, that just has been released. Yes, i ask for migration one week ago, and one of you is working on it, iam so grateful. But while its not ready yet, i want to work on another project, using the new studio released; but every code that i put into an “execute code” on the same flow , its automatically paste to every “execute code” that i create after on the same flow. no matter , what i do, deleting, writing it back etc… i noticed this , 5 days ago. Can i know how to resolve this ? thanks

Hi @projects.iwaju ,

Can you send me a screenshot?
Did you try it recently?

Hi @projects.iwaju ,

Is it still happening?

It is solved already