Need help with API communication in Botpress

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m currently working on a project with my custom bot in Botpress and I’m encountering some challenges with API communication. I’m reaching out to seek assistance and guidance from the Botpress community.

My primary goal is to establish API communication with my custom bot, by making POST requests and receiving the corresponding responses. But I even couldn’t find the URL of the Botpress API endpoint to initiate this communication with my custom bot.

I’ve explored the available documentation, but I haven’t been able to understand the process of setting up this communication, handling the requests, and interpreting the responses effectively.

Furthermore, I’m particularly interested in utilizing Botpress Cloud for hosting and managing my bot. I’ve come across the option of setting up a self-hosted server to deploy Botpress, but I must admit that this solution is beyond my current technical expertise.

If any members of the Botpress community have experience with API communication in Botpress and can provide insights, examples, or recommended approaches, it would be immensely valuable to me.

Thank you all in advance for your support and expertise.

Best regards,

Hi @david.zomada ,

Unfortunately, some APIs are not ready at the moment. We are working to avail it soon and to avail of other easy ways to integrate with Botpress.