Multichoice not working

Hi, I was trying to use multichoice in one of my conversations flows, expecting the user to choose one or more of the options that the bot shows to the user. However, once I select one of the options in the dropdown menu when simulating a conversation, it continues the flow…

I wondered if I could choose Buttons instead of a Dropdown Menu for the MultiChoice or even for the Single Choice. It seems that when the number of options increases, by default it goes from Buttons to Dropdown.

I’m working on Botpress Cloud, by the way.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @julian ,

Can you follow this thread, please? Multiple choice
I will update you as soon as the issue is fixed.

Regarding the UI enhancement, we are working on that.

Regarding the number of choices, yes, it turns automatically to a dropdown when the number of options increases. This is following the Conversation Design best practices. In general, it is best to show not more than three choices for the user.