Microsoft Teams - users cant see bot

Hello - I need some help with a question that Live-Support could not help me with and they suggested I post a message for help from the community. I just created and installed a bot for us with Microsoft teams, and while it is working in botpress, and while I can also see it in teams and can interact (message chat) with it just fine, none of my other users are able to start a new chat with it. They cant see the name at all … I sent through all the configuration steps with Live-Support and it was fine - any ideas to help would be greatly appreciated !


Can you check this link?

Also, can you ask your team to look for it with the App ID?

These instructions are for how to publish to teams as an app. I am not doing that, I am not creating a new app that needs to be distributed to teams. I am just using the botpress bot through teams directly. And, again, I myself can already see and interact with the bot in teams myself. For some reason for rest of my organization cannot.

in any case anyone has the same problem, I figured out a solution - all users cant see the bot unless first given the bot embed code link. once they click on it, then the display comes up in teams from that point forward and works fine

Thanks @carlosvcepeda ,

I have notified the team to edit the documentation with this step :slight_smile: