Make the user wait before an APIresponse

Hey, I’m new here and I’m surprised how easy it is to create and deploy a chatbot.
I have a little question:
In my chatbot, after capturing the user’s response, I send it to an API and wait for the response, then display it to the user.
I would like to know if it is possible to display a message, allow an animation, or any other way to make the user wait with the response from the API

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I guess do you mean something like a status bar growing each second it passes, right? I miss it too!!

Hope they deploy it soon.

Yes exactly, because when something happens in the background (an API request for example), the chat just gets stuck on the last message… the user can think it’s a bug and close the page.

There are a lot of “init” and CSS customization, but I am new too (only a month or so ago), so, I beg @bassam.tantawi or @rohankokkula or @sabrina to enlight us. :smiley:

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I’m new too, I hope we’ll have news soon, botpress cloud is really an excellent tool.

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Hey @Andres and @Coucou_des_Bois!
By default, on webchat you have an animation displaying three dots waving. It technically is also displayed in the emulator, but is simply not in the best spot, it goes over the arrow sign on the right part of the text box.
Check my screenshots to see both animations :grin:

But it is not working the same way in the chatbot embedded in our websites…

We know what you say…

So the thing is, in my case the Api can take some time. In the studio there is an animation showing that something is going on in the background.

But in production, there is nothing.

the 3 dots animation is visible only when the response is ready (which can take some time)

Hey @Coucou_des_Bois

Thanks for the screenshots and the detailed explanations!

I’ve forwarded this to the Product team. We’ll see what can be done on this end.

We’ll keep you posted. Thanks :raised_hands:

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Seconding this, I am not calling an API in my case but my “Knowledge Base” and it takes quite a bit of time before the “…” animation even appears (which then is followed by the response) If there’s an alternate way to display some sort of “Loading…” bit while it processes the request, that would be great!!

in the same kind of scenario, it would be great if the animation “typing…” could be use based on the number of characters in the message or be send with a value defining the number of sec before displaying the next message.
it would be very useful for example , when you send several messages to slow down the pace and let the time for the viewer to read instead of having a vomit of many line filling the chat.

Another great option, would be to simulate the typing of a message, it’s proven to make the chat way more engaging, help avoid having people reading diagonally and missing information, when you see in realtime what the other one is typing. instead of waiting for it, even if in our case we just simulate it

I am adding this to our feature request :slight_smile:

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