Main keeps redirecting to a certain flow no matter what transition I set

Hi everyone.

At some point, a node in main had a transition to a certain flow. I removed that transition, but no matter what I do it kept going to that flow.

I even changed the start node in Main to redirect always to another flow but still it kept going to that old flow. I cleared cache, used incognito, changed to firefox, I disabled all my customized actions and hook but to avail.

Hi @boyoma ,

Are you using the cloud version?

Hi @boyoma
Have you examined the bot logs? and try restarting the bot, while also looking for the error in the logs.

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I did restart the bot, the computer, checked the log but it is weird, it just says transition “always” to [hint-19/start.flow.json]. That was the case before, the main flow did transition to that flow “hint19/start” but now I want to go somewhere else but it keeps going to the old flow.

For testing purpose, I set in the main flow to go to “hint-19/test” flow but it won’t go there and instead goes to the old flow.

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I highly suggest you try out Botpress Cloud.

Thank you @bassam.tantawi

So if I start using Botpress Cloud, you will respond to my question here?

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Hi @boyoma ,

In this forum, we answer Cloud-related questions. In the V12 Community Forum , we answer v12 questions.