Limitations on website users to use the chatbot

I would embed botpress using web-chat in my website so that site users can use it. I would like to use both Q&A mode and ChatGPT mode. However, I don’t want site users accessing webchat to be able to use it for an infinite time and/or with an infinite number of questions. With ChatGPT mode I think I can use token restrictions in the prompt, but with Q&A mode can I do that? Thanks

Hi @g.fumagalli ,

You can add an “Execute Code” card that auto-increments every time the method is called to a variable named “qnaIncrementor”, for example. So every time a user asks something, you increment to that variable, then check. If it hits your threshold, you show a message like “sorry, your daily trials have finished”.

Does that cover your question?

Thank you. I think it’s cover it. I’ll try it.

Perfect @g.fumagalli , I will wait your confirmation before marking my answer as a solution.