Is there really people using Botpress? The lack of materials and peers is very frustrating!

I honestly wonder if there is a community of people using botpress? I’m asking this because it is almost impossible to find tutorials, snippets or even detailed documentation.

I’ve built a bot with several hundreds nodes on the self-hosted version v12 because the cloud version had problems. So, I had no choice but to self-host. I just wanted to build a bot, that’s it, now I need to struggle setting up a server, the maintenance, etc. And everything works except the NLP which makes my bot useless.

Eventually the cloud version came out, it looks beautiful and promising but it is not user-intuitive. Can’t do half of what can be done on the v12 version. So I contacted the support with detailed problems but none was solved. I was told many new things are coming out soon! Not even the possibility to import my bot with 100s of nodes or at least the text.

The people at the support are very nice there and responsive, but all they do is forward to the product team who is busy doing the product but not working on materials or listening to their users.

I think if botpress wants to grow a community it should start with them, the company, by taking the narrative back. So when we google botpress we don’t find just a handful of obsolete tutorials and dead links everywhere.

It is definitely not what is written on the website, building “bots in minutes”. The generative AI is counter-intuitive, why do I need to keep writing the same text while I could just click a button. Generative Ai should be an option and useful only when you are looking for a new output. Can’t build a bot if repetitive tasks aren’t taken into consideration, can’t copy and paste stuff, etc.

In a few days, I will have about 1000 clients who are supposed to use my bot. I told the support this was urgent, so they told me to send an email to the v12 team but it has been a week now and zero answers.

So these 1000 clients will either see a broken bot with “powered by botpress” on it or I will move to a new platform.

Maybe I’m just not the market, but I think botpress is not targeting non-expert coders.

I really wanted to love botpress but now I spent and wasted several weeks building a useless bot, and I’m not happy.

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Hi @boyoma,

Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your experience with Botpress. We’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had the best experience with Botpress cloud so far and that you were not able to receive adequate support on v12.

We want to assure you that there are indeed hundreds of thousands of people building with Botpress, and many of them have deployed bots with our platform. We understand that you’ve had difficulty finding tutorials, snippets, and documentation, and we apologize for any frustration this may have caused. We are constantly working to improve our resources and documentation, and we appreciate your feedback on this matter. Botpress cloud is our new product, and so a lot of our content is on the verge of being published.

We want to assure you that we take our users’ feedback seriously and always look for ways to improve our support and communication.

On a last note, this forum supports cloud users. Since your issue is mainly with the v12 platform, what I’ve done from my end is communicated with the v12 team to ensure your NLP issues are addressed asap. I was told the v12 team is addressing your NLP issues on the forum.