Is there any time limit to set the timeout?

Hi, I’m new here, hope you all’re having a good time.
Anyone knows if there is a limit of time to set the timeout, please? I’m trying to set a different timeout in the code editor, but when I save it, the set up doesn’t change

Hi @abe.park .

Can you elaborate more? What do you mean by setting the timeout in the code editor?

Hi @bassam.tantawi.
Sure, I wanna change the chatbot json for set the dialog “timeoutInterval” to be 60 minutes, as below:

 "dialog": {
    "janitorInterval": "10s",
    "timeoutInterval": "60m",
    "sessionTimeoutInterval": "61m"

I’ve changed once before from “10m” to “24m”, but when I tried again the json line doesn’t saved the changes.

Thanks in advance for helpíng

Hi @abe.park ,

Thanks for your message.

Please note that this forum supports Botpress cloud users only.

I highly recommend sending your message to the v12 Community Forum here so they can help you! :rocket:

Hi @sabrina

Oh, sorry, thank you, I’ll send it to the correct Forum.

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No worries at all @abe.park ! :slight_smile:

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