Is it possible to download botpress? It seems that only the online version is available

Where can I download botpress? Any ideas? Seems impossible through the botpress site.

If you’re looking to publish your bot quickly, our Cloud product is definitely the way to go. With just one click, you can easily get your bot up and running. We’re constantly striving to make our Cloud product even better.

With Botpress Cloud, you have access to an enhanced studio, our NLU powered by generative AI, better analytics, high availability (with infrastructure taken care of), and no limitations in terms of features (including role-based access control to allow collaboration).

Botpress Cloud features can be found here

Botpress v12 features can be found here

Hey @ilymperopo,

With Botpress Cloud, you don’t need to download anything as it is browser-based.

Here’s the link to signup.

Hope this help!