Intents, how do they work and do?


As I have not clear at all where the data from the crawling is (stored), and since sometimes the question are wrongly answered (it seems like the data from the crawling is skipped). How do they work intents?, what’s their purpose?, a like some prompt or like some fine-tuning?.
Also, the data crawled are optimized by doing embeddings with it?

I wish to understand better how the crawl works, how the intents are self created and why do I need to pass them to the “Library”.


Hi @Andres ,

We have an issue with the Library intents now. The workaround for now is using the inline-intents:

Hi @bassam.tantawi

Could you provide some manual, guide or video?


Sure, on the node, add a transition, then change it’s condition type to Intent:

Then add your utterances to it like this:

I hope that was helpful.

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Great, I am going to test it.

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@Andres how is it going?

I did not pull it out… I did not figure it out right.

Would you jump to the live-chat? I think we can offer better support there. What do you think?

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Hi @bassam.tantawi

Yeah, I would like it. I have several questions.

Could you let me note down all the questions and then we have a talk?.

I guess for you it is very all straight forward and easy and to me a headache.

Thank you a lot.

Sure, go for it :slight_smile:

You can find me, or one of my colleagues here :slight_smile:

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