Integrated Webchat on Flutter App passing GET request parameter

Hi support,

any suggestion to map a GET parameter into an internal session variable?


Hi @automativo ,

Can you share more info about your issue?

Hi @bassam.tantawi,

We have a Flutter application with Botpress webchat embeded. What we are trying is to pass a GET parameter via Flutter to Botpress, in order to read it inside the flow chat on Botpress logic. Example: https://bopress.local/lite/test-bot/?customparameter=testvalue

This is regarding the Botpress APIs
We’re working on it and it will be released in 2-3 weeks for public use, of which, you will be able to send API requests to Botpress from Flutter

Also, I’m curious to know if you’re using WebView to render the Botpress Chatbot?
Can you share your code here on how you’re adding the bot to your flutter app?

This will be helpful for other community members to follow up on this procedure!