Input Variables bugs

Hey guys I found issues with input variables in flow transitions.

  • The first one happens specifically with list entity variables only. In the image below you can see it clearly:

  • The second one happens with objects, as shown in the image below

    It works If I use {{variableName}} instead of @variableName, but the value is not displayed properly in the preview:

The bugs above are easily reproduceable, please check it out.


Hi @devguilherm ,

Your feedback is always appreciated. For the second one, object variables have sub properties.

What happens when you add a “.” after workflow.example_object_source?
Can you check it in the debugger window?

Yeah sure but i would expect to see a stringified version of the object in the preview instead of just [object Object] - feature request

Got your point. I have added that :slight_smile:

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