I need help selecting an open source platform

Hi there,
I’m new to AI and am interested in perhaps learning one of the open source AI chatbot platforms with the intention of training it on a specific data set and then licensing (renting, on a monthly basis) the trained chatbot to companies who are interested in having an AI chatbot assistant available to their employees who would benefit from the information the chatbot has been trained on.

I read an article that listed 13 open source AI chatbots:

  1. Botpress
  2. Microsoft Bot Framework
  3. Botkit
  4. Rasa
  5. Wit.ai
  6. OpenDialog
  7. Botonic
  8. Claudia Bot Builder
  9. Tok
  10. BotMan
  11. Bottender
  12. DeepPavlov
  13. Golem

I’m open to using any open source platform that you folks suggest. Considerations are:

  1. I’m hoping to find a platform whose terms of service allow for the creation of products for commercial profit. In other words, I’d ideally to make money off the AI chatbot I’ve trained without paying royalties to anyone for use of the platform.
  2. If the open source platform I select should later be abandoned by its creators or should change its terms of service to something that won’t work for my business goals, I don’t want all of the work I’ve put into training the AI to go to waste. So if there is an industry standard format for making data digestible by an AI system, I want the platform I select to adhere to that standard so that I don’t have to start over from scratch in the event the platform goes away or starts charging fees or whatever.
  3. I’ve got a technical background and have done some scripting and programming over the years, but I’m not a software developer by trade, so I’m looking for a platform that’s appropriate for someone at my moderate level of technical experience. If it’s going to require C++ programming, the learning curve will be higher than I have time to summit. So the simpler the better, in terms of set up, implementation, training on data sets, and then commercializing and distributing.
  4. Ideally, I’d like to use a platform that pretty clearly has a future. I’d imagine that quite a few open source AI chatbot platforms will come and go in this phase of the industry, so I’m hoping to select one that will be around with support and updates for years.

I realize that I could visit the website for each one of the 13 platforms I’ve listed above and read through their (lengthy) terms of service documents, do an assessment of their long-term viability, learn about standards (if there are any yet) for data formatting for digestion by the AI, etc., but all of this could take months, and I want to jump on what I see as a potentially great opportunity sooner than that. Besides, you guys know a lot more about this than I do and I imagine you’ll bring things up that I didn’t even consider. All of us together are smarter than any one of us.

Thank you in advance for your help with this.

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Hi @janssen

It is a very interesting use case that you describe. I’m currently building a chat bot solution for the training of healthcare Peer Worker coaches. I’m going through a similar evaluation process like you. While you have to find a solution that fits your requirements for commercial use, I want to have a solution that is fully open sourced, because my final project will be non-commercial and open sourced. If I find some relevant information during my evaluation, I would come back here and let you know. I bookmarked this post to see if you get any answers that could also be interesting for me. I guess if you stick to projects that are licensed with anything like MIT or Apache kind of licensing, you should be good to go for commercial use. Not sure about all the other requirements you have tho. Good luck with your project! :four_leaf_clover: