How to jump programmatically to a node in Botpress Cloud?

Hey everyone,

In the Cloud version. How to jump programatically to the “artifact-name” node after bot detects “receipts” intent and the user press “resume”?

In the V12, I used append context and intent then trigger an action after the user click “resume” but I am not sure how to do this in the cloud.

I will have lots of nodes connecting back to the node “artifact-name” and it is better not to drag the transition line manually to that node.

Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Hi @boyoma,

It is currently not possible.

The idea is that anything that alters the conversation path programmatically offers no visual queues from the studio and causes challenges in understanding later how/why something flowed the way it did. The change reduces future efforts required for bot maintenance and eases troubleshooting and testing for builders.