How to integrate the intents and Q&A in single flow?

I want to create a node that contains, the matching of intents property, and if it fails to match with all the intents given in the node it has to check if the user input matches in the Q&A module. if the answer is not present in any of these should go to the error handling flow. how to achieve this?
or will the Q&A part only be triggered after the end of the flow?

Hey there!

The Q&A part will be triggered if the user starts with the Q&A or if you show the Q&A answer variable. What I mean by that is that if a Q&A answer exists, you can create a node that will show this answer using “event.nlu.elected_qnas.length > 0” as a transition and “{{event.nlu.elected_qnas[0].text}}” as the content being shown in that node. You can see this in action in the screenshot I attached.
For intent matching you can simply create your intents and have one transition for each intent. One important thing to note is that transitions will be checked from top to bottom, so you want to place those intent matching transitions first, and then the Q&A matching one after from what I understand from your message.