How to handle user input when the bot shows buttons


Sometimes, my bot gives the users options in the form of buttons and the user uses text instead of using the buttons.
How can I handle that text and send a message that asks the user to use the buttons instead?

Right now, the bot doesn’t do anything when the user uses text instead of buttons.
The ‘disable free text’ option is not an option as this option is ignored by Rocketchat.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @arthur.pluym ,

You can use synonyms on the choice field it self like this:

Or you can use intents, so have an intent with context like this:

Set the context before the choice field, remove it after it, have a dummy node that redirects the conversation based on what intent what picked.

That’s interesting!
I’ll try that for sure!
Thank you for the quick response!

But it doesn’t work.

I tried this and it only works with a few options from the affirmative intents. Most of the time this message appears in the logs: ‘execute action “basic-skills/choice_invalid_answer”’, after which the flow stops.

And especially when an answer is invalid, there should be an action from the bot.

Any ideas on how to handle this problem?

yes, in the choice field, there is an “advanced” tab. check it.

which solution are you following?

I tried both, the context one is quite nice, but the same problem occurs.
I’ll check the advanced right now.

Keep us posted @arthur.pluym :rocket:

Thank you very much, sir.
In this case, the options in “advanced” are enough.
I’ll explore more whenever this project is finished.

@arthur.pluym good luck!