How to delete the chat history in the chat window on the web page after reload?

Hello Community,

can someone tell me how it is possible to clear the history inside a chatbot window when the web page is reloaded? I have integrated the Botpress chatbot into my website via an iframe. Unfortunately, I have not found any information on how to implement this.

I have only seen that there is a possibility that after a timeout of the user the history is deleted after a certain time and a new session begins.

On the Git repository of Botpress I found the following:

I have already tried this on my end, but unfortunately it does not currently work for me. I hope someone can help me and tell me how to fix this problem.

Thank you all in advance for the support.

Many greetings


hi @jonas.kuri

Try to pass a userID parameter to the webchat.

This way, if the user has a conversation with the bot, the conversation should be recovered and continued in the newly configured webchat.

The parameter is “userId”: “<USER_ID>”