How to delegate or switch over user from master to sub chatbot?

Hi guys, I am learning how to use Botpress and read several tutorials, in one of them you can segment your communication flow using a primary (master bot) that delegates a question to one of other chatbots.

This is doable by effectively constructing an HTTP action. I am wondering, is there a more elegant and complete approach for delegation / chatbot switching? The use case is the primary chatbot serves and covers the majority of use cases, but for specialized edge cases I will have other specialized chatbots. Is there a way how to switch over the user from master to sub chatbots and continue in the sub’s flow?

I think it would be possible to follow up on the existing delegation code and create a sort of middleware for this, but maybe there is something like this already?

(for transparency, delegate_to_bots was the code / tutorial botpress/delegate_to_bots.js at master · botpress/botpress · GitHub)


Looks like something that could cover it -

Hi @mirek ,

Yes, that should do the trick. I will lock this for now. The community is for the cloud; for v12, you can always drop your question here Discussions · botpress/botpress · GitHub

Thanks :slight_smile: