How to build an Inbox

Hello guys!

Since Botpress still doesn’t offer an Inbox feature to manage conversations and customers, I was wondering what would be the best way to achieve this.

Do we know of any third-party services that play well with Botpress in this regard?
Something like MessageBird or Twilio. It must have basic CRM or be easily integrated to one.

My use case is I need a multichannel booking bot that can send service messages (templates) generated from cron jobs on a node server, and they should be part of the history of the conversation.

(I plan on building another bot or flow for customer support too)

I appreciate any ideas or docs!


Hi @devguilherm ,

Can you give me more context about what you mean by manage conversations?

Currently, our APIs are limited a bit, and we are working on availing more APIs, but for example, you can build a page that lists down info.

Hey Bassam!

What I need is to be able to list all chats and send messages directly too.
It would be nice to have an omnichannel inbox that list conversations from all channels (Botpress, SMS, etc)

How would I go about integrating MessageBird, for example? How can I use Botpress API to make my bot available there.

Hi there! We are currently in the process of making APIs so that you can easily create integrations for your preferences.
Does the Gmail’s direct Integration with Botpress work for you?

How will this integration work?
I would receive an email for each new message an user sends? What about the ones sent by the bot?

Hi @devguilherm ,

1- What I need is to be able to list all chats => You can find it here:

2- and send messages directly too. => This is not available yet, even though the documentation is there

3- How would I go about integrating MessageBird => This is not available now

Please note that the APIs are still in Beta and will take some time to be production-ready.

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Hey Bassam! Thanks for the detailed answer. I will check out the documentation and start building.