How to auto-train the Q&A part from word document?

My number of questions and answers can go numerously large. It takes a lot of time to train each and every question-answer in the Q&A module. Is there any alternative for this to redirect the flow to the word document and to use AI and ML to search for a relevant answer and to reply to the user?

Hi @prajwalkp1234 ,

When you say “numerously large” => what do you mean by that? How many questions, how many answers, what is the source of the questions, etc.

" It takes a lot of time to train each and every question-answer in the Q&A module" => Do you mean a lot of time to upload each and every question into Botpress? Did you try Botpress Go?

I do not have questions and answers ready. but I have a word document with a lot of data. how can I use this word document to make a Question-answer model,
which inputs the user input and searches in a word document for a relevant answer?

Currently, we have one of two ways. Either you add them one by one in the bot.
Or you can publish it to your website and use Botpress Go to scan it to give you a kick start.

cool thanks, and also can botpress cloud be used as botpress v12 binary independently?
I meant to ask can the built chatbot can be hosted in our own organization server or will it be handled by botpress team and botpress server?

Botpress cloud will always be in the cloud, and its infra is managed by the Botpress team. Currently, there is no way to migrate your bot from v12 to v2 or vice versa. It should be manual.