How can I develop a flow on a machine and deploy it to a different machine?

say I use a local machine to develop a flow (similar to the one shown in the tutorial)

how can I deploy it on a server ?

can I export it to a file and then import the file on a different machine ?

I reply to myself

I can export/import the materials developed in an instance from within the “source control” section

Are there any hints I’m missing ?

Hi @adriano.peluso !

Please note that everything related to the on-prem edition (v12) should be directed to our v12 Community Forum .

This Forum supports Botpress Cloud users, which you can try out here.

Hope this helps :upside_down_face:

@adriano.peluso, if you are talking about Botpress Cloud, please know that this feature is in the release pipeline and should be released soon; stay tuned! :rocket: