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Hello. I need the bot to do a translation for Portuguese, but leave in English some words that are specific terms. How could he do that?

Hey Gui! Welcome to the community! :hugs:

This translation happens in an AI Task, right? You could add in the instructions that it must translate the text without touching certain words. Give examples and maybe categories of words you don’t want to be translated.

Let me know if that helps!

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I am doing it on a capture information. Can’t fix on this function? Because seems that the system of botpress is making the correction (english to portuguese) after the output.

The input is “On a scale of 1 to 5. How would you rate your proficiency in Product Delivery? Please choose one:”

It is displaying: “Em uma escala de 1 a 5, qual seria o seu nível de proficiência em Entrega de Produtos? Por favor, escolha uma opção:”

And should be “Em uma escala de 1 a 5, qual seria o seu nível de proficiência em Product Develivery? Por favor, escolha uma opção:”

As @devguilherm said, you can try to add instructions for AI but in your case you have to add them in “Description / Personality” under “Chatbot settings” → “Enable Personality Rewrite”.

EDIT: nevermind, I tested it and I can’t make it work :confused: .


Hey @guidevit.j4j, I managed to get it working by having the text below in the Personality settings. You can tweak it to your needs.

You must speak in Brazilian Portuguese only. You will speak in pt-br even if the user says something in other language. You must not translate the following words and terms to Portuguese: ‘Product Delivery’, ‘Customer Support’. You shall always leave the terms mentioned untranslated, even if the resulting text doesn’t make sense.

Here is the result

But anyway give me some more info so I can help you out.

:robot: Is your bot in Portuguese or English?
:white_check_mark: You probably have enabled Personality Rewrite right? If yes, what is the text/prompt?
:speech_balloon: Why is the input in English, if the users are Portuguese? You could disable personality and ask the question in PT already, unless you want the bot to be multilingual.


it worked! Thank you very much!

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That’s great!

Abraço amigo :hugs:

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