Help righting a code that transfers a ticket to a live agent on Zendesk support through sunco integration

Hi everyone,

I am trying to write a code that eventually transfers a conversation, with its entire history, to a live agent on Zendesk support through an integration with Sunco. I also want the conversation in Zendesk to have an internal note highlighting the varables set by the bot during its part of the conversation. Can someone help with this?

I have also tried setting up the Sunco integration, but could not find the webhook url that i need to use for my bot. would also appreciate support with thank.

Thanks in advance

Hi @mohammed.h.jaffar ,

Currently, this is not available in our integrations. But you can try and work with our Beta NPMs and APIs; please keep in mind that the documentation is also in the early stages

Bear with us, we are getting there :muscle: