Hello Botpress community. I'm Markus. Nice to meet you

Hello Botpress Community. My name is Markus, and I am currently in training to become accredited as a Peer Worker in the healthcare sector. This means I will work with people going through mental or physical health crisis or are dealing with other forms of hard times. During my studies and courses in classroom and online I found out, that the one essential part to become better in coaching sessions that is missing is the availability of training partners. This is the reason, why I decided to build a chatbot solution using AI and Machine Learning to fix this. I’m happy to be here and I’m looking forward to have a good exchange with many of you. Eager to learn and ready to help, whenever I can. Take care and I wish you all much fun and success with your projects and learning journey.

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Hi @markuseicher ,

It’s great to have you here :slight_smile:

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Hey @markuseicher !

Welcome to the community.

We look forward to helping you and having our amazing community chime in when needed!

Happy bot building :raised_hands:

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