Get formdata to botpress

I have a webhook which contains formdata. I would like to access the data received from webhook in a variable and create a bot response based on the user input on the form.

To be more clear its set of question and answers from a survey and based on user input to survey i have to create a flow on botpress to make users chat with that responses.

Understood. Does the form have the same questions? or it is dynamic questions?

It contains 7 multiple choice questions for the quiz. All the data can be extracted using a webhook.

This is how i attempted. And please correct me - i am new to Botpress.

Hey @athul.sreenivasan ,

Looking good. But you can’t access the workflow variables from a hook. What you can do is:
1- Access the “event” object
2- Then, from there, access the “session” object and set a value there
3- Then, from your flow, access that session variable and take it from there

Tell me if this is clear or confusing :slight_smile:

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