Enterprise Features on Botpress v12

Hello, we have a similar case to this topic, which seems to be resolved, but does not include an answer for others to read: Enabling botpress enterpise features in botpress opensource again

We are an educational, non-profit organisation, started developing a chatbot using Botpress v12 about a year ago and recently considered upgrading to enterprise. But since you started to shift towards Botpress cloud, this seems to be no longer possible. Also, because we are seated in germany, our strict data policy sadly does not allow using Botpress cloud!

Our main concern is removing the “powered by botpress” logo due to legal reasons, but other enterprise features surely are interesting to us aswell.

Summarizing, our questions are:
Is it possible to still buy enterprise features? Are we, as an educational organisation, eligible for using Botpress enterprise features for free? Or can we simply add the desired features to Botpress by ourselves?

Please tell us how to move forward with using Botpress without causing any legal issues! Thank you in advance.

Hi @yannic.tiggelkamp ,

Please note that this forum supports Botpress cloud users only.

I would highly recommend sending your message to the v12 Community Forum here so they can help you! :rocket: