Enabling botpress enterpise features in botpress opensource

Would adding Botpress Enterprise features void any of the licenses?

We are a startup that uses Botpress to build many chatbots for various clients. Just when we were about to purchase Botpress Enterprise due to rapid growth, Botpress Cloud was introduced, and there was radio silence about Botpress on-premise Enterprise.

We need an on-premise solution, so Botpress Cloud is not an option. We would really like Enterprise features such as workspaces. However, you guys do not offer any option to buy these and are not answering my question regarding the matter via email or GitHub discussions.

What would be your stance if we contributed to the Botpress open-source project to enable or add these features? Would this be allowed, cause any legal issues, or did your focus completely turn away from the v12 open-source, and you simply don’t care?

Just to be clear: We really do want to pay for any of the above-mentioned features. It is just a shame that there is no more possibility to do so. Even the link on the GitHub page that explains the Dual-licence model now redirects to the default Botpress Cloud packages page.

Could you please state what your stance is on Botpress open-source and whether “enterprise-only” features would be added by our company?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @cedric ,

For on-premises v12, you can find the following: