Enabling botpress enterpise features in botpress opensource once again

As I received no answers to any of my questions in the previous topic, I will open a new one and continue to do so until I get a decent answer. Such communication from a company that recently received a $15 million seed investment is beyond my comprehension.

I will write a shorter version of this topic: Enabling botpress enterpise features in botpress opensource

Here’s my question: “What would be your stance if we contributed to the Botpress open-source project to enable or add these features? Would this be allowed, cause any legal issues, or have you completely turned away from the v12 open-source, and you simply don’t care?”

Please don’t reply with the documentation resources of Botpress V12 or tell me to try Botpress cloud. Giving such answers to a decent user question is quite insulting, and you guys as a company should be ashamed.

Before you redirect me to the Github discussions I already made a topic there and mentioned you multiple times but you did not reply.

Please feel free to still do so with a relevant answer.

Hi @cedric

I am an early employee here at Botpress. I understand your frustration trying to get an answer to your questions.

We invite users to ask v12 answers directly on our Github Discussions board; I understand that closing your Forum thread could have come off as abrupt. It was not our intent.

While a lot of effort has been made recently to promote our new cloud offering, I can assure you the v12 of Botpress is still actively being maintained. You can see on the below screenshot that we had a new version as recently as last week.

As for your question about licensing issues, it is not possible to enable the Enterprise features without the proper license.
As per creating your version of those for your startup, they would be subject to either of the two licenses on our open-source repository; nothing has changed on that side.

Additionally, I want to make sure you succeed with your Botpress project, so I have taken the initiative of reaching out by email to see how I can help you succeed in building your offering.

The community has been the strength of Botpress over the years, and I can promise we will not be moving away from helping as many builders as possible.


Thank you for getting in touch and on and zoom call with me.
I really appreciate you as Botpress reaching out to me showing that you as a company still care about opensource users and/or small companies or startups.

I’m really happy to hear about the startup program you offered get us to get enrolled in to enable us to run Botpress on-premise with the features we need.

Thanks for clearing everything up regarding Botpress cloud and v12 f and your apologies about the communication.

Looking forward using Botpress for the coming years!