Emulator: Pressing enter to confirm character choice in IME cause it to be sent

In the emulator, pressing enter to confirm a selection of Japanese characters will cause it to be sent unintentionally.
Please do not treat the Enter key input to the IME as an indication to send.

The cause of this issue is believed to be identical to the following issue

Also, I believe the fix needed is the same as the following PR

Because of this issue, Botpress Cloud is not properly available in Japanese.
I would appreciate it if you could fix it as soon as possible so that I can introduce Botpress Cloud in Japan.

In addition, there is a similar issue in the following places.

  • Label field of Execute code
  • Label field of Transision

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Hey @nakmas!

Thanks for your message on the forum.

Please note that this forum supports Botpress cloud users only. For any v12-related questions, please send your questions to the v12 forum.

Thanks! :raised_hands:

Hi @sabrina
Thank you for your reply.
But my post is about Botpress cloud, not v12.
The reason I mentioned the relevant information about v12 is to help you understand the current issue.
For IME users, including myself, this is a critical problem that prevents us from using Botpress cloud.
I would appreciate it if you consider addressing the issue.

Hi @nakmas,

Please accept our apologies; I was confused too. I understand now where the conflict is coming from.

We will send it to our product team. Thanks for sharing your feedback, it is valued :slight_smile:

However for now, you can use the shift+enter option that is commonly used

Hello @bassam.tantawi
I send you a recording of my screen in case there are any miscommunications.
This recording is explained below.

First I type “こんにちは” (hello in Japanese) into the IME.
Then I press enter with the intention of confirming my input.
The word is entered into the input field, but at the same time it is unintentionally sent to the bot.

Additionally, I type “こんにちは” again into the IME.
Then I press shift+enter as you suggested.
Then, this time, it was not sent, but “Hello” was typed twice in the input field.

It would be appreciated if you could check this out.
Thanks in advance.

2023-05-05 18-23-05.2023-05-05 18_29_44

Hi @nakmas ,

I have tried the IME; I think the issue happens when you don’t choose from the popup menu: