Disable or hide left side menu


I’m testing Botpress and I’m really satisfied and happy with everything it can offer us.

I would like to know if it is possible to disable or hide the left menu with some parameter, or if there is any other non-traditional way to do it.

Thank you


Hi @christiang.pmp !

Thanks for the feedback; super happy to read you are satisfied with Botpress. :raised_hands:

Quick questions for you

  • Which Botpress version are you using? Just want to make sure you are using Botpress Cloud and not V12.
  • Why would you like to disable or hide the menu on the left?


Thank you Sabrina for your quick response.

I am using the on-premise version 12.30.6.

I would like to disable the left menu to give access to non-technical users and that they cannot see the other options, in the on premise version you do not have profiles or workspaces, this would help a lot be able to customize.


Thanks for your answer @christiang.pmp.

Please note that everything related to the on-prem edition (V12) should be directed to our V12 Community Forum.

This Forum supports Botpress Cloud users!

I highly suggest you try out Botpress Cloud as it comes with RBAC (role-based access control) as opposed to V12 edition which only allows one user. With Botpress Cloud, you can change roles and permissions under the Collaborators tab.

Hope this helps :upside_down_face: