Creating a conversation with the rest API, error 403


I am trying to integrate Botpress with an existing platform that my company uses, called Gladly. I currently catch all incoming messages from our customers, and would like to route these messages to our Botpress bot. It seems that the Botpress API is good for this purpose, and indeed, I can access conversations and messages through it. However, I have run into a problem when it comes to create a new conversation.

I try to make a POST request to /v1/chat/conversations/get-or-create

I may not be passing adequate information to this. But the body of my request contains { 'channel' : 'channel', 'integrationName' : 'webchat', 'tags' : { 'webchat:id' : <UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER_FROM_OUR_BACKEND> }}

When I try this, I receive 403 status responses, with the message that Bot “” cannot create conversations for channel “channel” of integration “”

The docs are a little bit unclear in this area. Can anyone give me a bit more information regarding what I might be doing wrong, and how I might create a new conversation through the API?

Thank you,


Hi @chris.quigley2 ,

This API is not ready yet, still in Beta and a bit buggy, we are working on it though

Thank you for your response.

I understand.

Do you happen to have a rough guess at when it may be ready? (Whether that is closer to weeks, or to months?)