Configurable script issue

I am having trouble integrating a chatbot to my website using a configurable script. I followed the instructions from the documentation, but the script does not seem to work properly. The pre-configured script and the link option work fine, but they do not meet my needs. I want to customize the chatbot appearance and behavior, and I also want it to show up on a large screen by default. However, when I use the configurable script, the chatbot does not appear at all or shows errors. How can I fix this issue?

May I know your tech-stack for the website?

For configuring your chatbot to your website: Web Chat | Botpress Documentation
For Customizing: Overview | Botpress Documentation
For Full-screen chatbot, you can read this documentation: Full Screen Chatbot | Botpress Documentation

hi, the thing is that im trying to use the fullscreen chatbot with a link on glide, so im trying to build this website (with only the chatbot) in a github page, to use it free.

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Hi ,

I am sorry I can’t imagine it, can you guide me with a screenshot or a simple design or what you want to do?