Complex Customer Technical Support

I came across Botpress landing page and it was advertising customer support template, but I was unable to find anything that resembles customer support templates in the available template lists.
I am trying to build a chat bot support to assist my clients with their technical difficulties facing while interacting with my APIs. My team already created a knowledge base or scenarios for frequently faced problems and provided solutions and steps to solutions if its complex. I am trying to use that document as a starting point to create a flow of conversation that can help my clients seamlessly.
My questions are:
Where can I start?
Do we have a template I can follow?
Do I have to build all from scratch?
Do we have any guides or tutorials that can help me with the basics?

Thank You,

Hi @mino9421 ,

Thanks for your inquiry!

We are constantly working to improve your experience with Botpress by adding more templates to our platform. As we value your feedback greatly, we would like to invite you to share your vision of the perfect template. We are eager to learn more about what kind of flow you’re looking for and if there are any specific requirements you have in mind.

How to get started
Once you’ve signed up to Botpress, I would advise following along with these Youtube tutorials to understand the platform better.

You can create your first chatbot using any of our available templates (to understand how everything works) or simply start with an empty template.

Here’s the link to our documentation.

For best practices, I would recommend adding to a document questions and answers you want your bot to handle.

  • What is the goal of your chatbot? What topic do I want my chatbot to be able to handle?
  • Who is going to use my chatbot?
  • Would you like to integrate your bot with specific apps?
  • Where would you like to deploy your chatbot (WhatsApp, website, etc.)?
  • What tone would you like your bot to have?
  • What kind of information from the user do I want to save? (variables)

Hope this helps!

PS. Please also know that we have a live chat to support users that need help with their workflow or have any other Botpress-related questions. The team is available from Monday-Friday (9 am - 5 pm EDT).

The link is redirecting me to youtube main page, I can see the URL is a playlist URL. However, it’s still redirecting me to main page. I am from Toronto region so that might be useful info. Either way, I am diving into the platform and following the guides and conference demos to learn the capabilities.

I will follow the documentations and the bullet points you have provided for starters.

If I achieved any good state of what I am trying to build. I will try to share its minimized version as a template for the rest.

Hey @mino9421 ,

Sorry about that! I did correct the Tutorial link. You should be good with this one here.

We just released a new series that should be super helpful – Get Started: ChatGPT recipe chatbot. More videos to come :rocket: