Chatbot start trigger

I want to know how to make my chatbot starts on windows startup, there are 2 options:

1- Open automatically a web browser opened on the chatbot website (because the chatbot is embed or hosted on the website)
2- (Which I prefer) Make a service or something like (stand alone instance/ terminal/ desktop application) that loaded on windows startup and connected to the internet.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @coach.ismailrashed

What version are you using?
Can you give me more information about your use case so I can give you the best answer?

Hi @bassam.tantawi
Thank you for your reply
If you are asking about windows version I use windows10.

User Story is
When I startup windows10
I need a (popup) Chatbot asking me "How are you Ismail?’ for an example.
and we can make conversational chat about my day and my tasks according to the sequence and logic I will build later in the chatbot

Hi @bassam.tantawi
for Botpress v1.3.1

Well, if you are familiar with C# and visual studio, you can build a windows application that uses webview component.

Other wise, you can build a windows application that communicates with Botpress API layer (to be released around March) and render your own bot interface.