Change bot language based on user's input


I want to know if I could change the bot language based on a user’s input.
I mean, I want to provide a list of languages to the user so they could select which of them want to interact with the chatbot. Once selected, I would need to change the language of the bot for this specific user/session.

Is that possible?


hi @mauro.gomez ,

We have this in our pipeline, but meanwhile, you can you use:
1- AI Task to detect the user language:

This is the AI Task instructions: Detect the language the user is using from the user input. Store the detected language in usrLanguage

2- Add a transition that directs the user to the respective node based on the language

This is the generative AI labe lI used: if workflow.usrLanguage is English

Hey @bassam.tantawi ,

Thanks for your reply!

So I cannot change the global bot language, I need a set of nodes for each language to handle it manually. Right?
Not the best solution but could work in the meanwhile.


Hi @mauro.gomez ,

If you can wait for a week or two, there is something that will be released that match your needs.

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Sure, I’ll wait :slight_smile:

Is there any place with a public roadmap or something to understand which will be the next features? Thanks!

We are working on that, and we will make it available in the Studio itself; till then, you can check it here in our new Discord channel, the new announcements should be pushed there too :slight_smile: :